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Here Portugal was born.

This charming city is proudly known as the "Cradle of Portugal".

With a remarkable historical past, Guimarães is associated with the foundation and the identity of Portuguese nationality.


Guimarães is a historic town in northern Portugal.

It was the birthplace of the first Portuguese king (Afonso Henriques) and was the first capital of Portugal in the 12th century, during the struggle for Portugal's independence.

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It is an exceptionally well-preserved and authentic example of the evolution of a medieval settlement into a modern town, as recognized by the World Heritage Convention of UNESCO.

Its streets and monuments breathe history and enchant those who visit.

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Guimarães is easily accessible from the International Airport of Oporto.

places not to be missed

Guimarães Castle

The castle of Guimarães was built around the mid-10th century by order of Countess Mumadona. The purpose of the fortification was to protect the Monastery of Santa Maria from the Norman and Saracen invasions that then reached the Iberian Peninsula.

Palace of the Dukes of Bragança

Imposing 15th-century palace with a fascinating collection of 17th-century furniture and tapestries. The palace was extensively restored (and nearly rebuilt) in the 1940s.

Largo da Oliveira
(Oliveira Square) & 
Sao Thiago Square

Largo da Oliveira owes its name to a centuries-old olive tree planted in this location. Surrounded by picturesque typically northern houses, it is the ideal starting point for walking through the streets of the city.
It is currently a meeting place for locals and visitors, open and welcoming, a pleasant place for a coffee break or a meal on one of the terraces.

Largo do Toural

Considered today as the heart of the city, in the 17th century it was a square outside the main gate of the town, where the cattle market and other fairs of various products were held.

Largo da República do Brasil

Large garden and tree-lined square located in front of the church of Nossa Senhora da Consolação and Santos Passos (aka Sao Gualter Church).

Penha Mountain

The small mountain of Penha, 7 km southeast of Guimarães, is a popular retreat from the city and is still an active place of modern pilgrimage.


Alberto Sampaio Museum

Penha Sanctuary

Nossa Senhora da Oliveira Church

São Francisco Church ​

Clarinha Patisserie

Casa Amarela Bar

Arts and Creativity Platform

Vila-Flor Cultural Centre

City of Guimarães Park

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